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What is calling you?

Work with a coach to bring this to life.  

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Coaching Philosophy

We all experience shifts in our lives  - some expected, some not. Some gradual, some immediate. Through these phases, it can be helpful to work with someone who can objectively guide, assist and offer new possibilities to emerge stronger, wiser and more integrated.

In every coaching engagement, Sarah works with each client from a holistic perspective, exploring relational, somatic, cognitive, and spiritual aspects. The focus is to create balance so that each element contributes to the whole and something bigger is allowed to emerge. 


Sarah is a dedicated and experienced practitioner, certified as an integral© coach through New Ventures West. She also has a master's degree in Organizational Development, and has worked in the field of learning and development for nearly 20 years in various fields including health care, digital, supply chain and professional services. Sarah is certified in the Enneagram, MBTI, EQi, and DiSC tools. 


Sarah is a student of the Diamond Approach® and a lifelong learner who believes we are all here to serve a purpose and that each transition can lead us closer to ourselves and to greater meaning in our lives.


Becoming whole as humans so that we may bring our gifts to others.



Honing in on what brings you joy

What type of work will bring fulfillment and meet your needs for economic stability? How can you strike the right balance? What is it you want to express in this important aspect of your life? These are the questions we will explore as you gain clarity on what matters.

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Bringing your vision to your domain

We all have areas of life we deeply care about. These are the areas where our leadership will make a difference. Learn how to express your vision and voice to make an impact. This can be within an organizational setting or a personal setting. Where are you called to lead?

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Moving into the 2nd half of life

The second half of life can begin abruptly, with a loss or breakdown of a situation, or gradually, with a shift in interests or lack of energy for those things that used to bring us joy. It can be especially important to work with someone as you move into the next phase of life, where you come to a new understanding of the possibilities in life.

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Quotes I love

"Our ability to grow is directly proportional to an ability to entertain the uncomfortable." - Twyla Tharp

"Anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you." - David Whyte

"The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing." - Blaise Pascal

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